The crash

The feeling you have after over caffeinating. The feeling when none of the small things during the day seem to be going right. Things not going right or happening the way you would like at work. Personal feelings about a loved interest that just never seem to work out right. Maybe you tell someone how … More The crash

Looking glass

Peering out the window in to the unknown and vast outdoors. What is seen.. Tops of buildings, shimmery lights, waves of the ocean, a steady lake, thundering mountain top, fast moving cars, people gathering, stars and moon above. So many things to see. Maybe you see someone peering outside of a window. You see their … More Looking glass

The fog

Waking up to a thick mysterious fog. Coming home at night to it engulfing your car, home, sight of vision. Unable to fully see what is behind it. Moving forward not quite sure what you will encounter next. Traveling by memory through twists and turns. Are any of these twists or turns new or unforeseen. … More The fog

Colors of the soul 

Being complicated and far from perfect is beautiful.  The complexity of one’s mind, thoughts, actions are limitless and unknown.  The capabilities one have inside are infinite.  All made so differently but all exquisite in our own way.  What is for one isn’t for another.  I have no desire to be like another or to change … More Colors of the soul 

Wasting time

Wasting time on thoughts of you. You won’t change. Wasting time things will be different or better. Why when you only get worse in many ways over time. Wasting time thinking you won’t lie or contradict yourself. .. But you always do. Wasting time thinking I am stronger than this. But still waiting on some … More Wasting time