AKT in Motion: Series 3 – Physio Ball Series



AKT does it again! Attached is the third release of Anna Kaiser’s streaming videos! I just tried out all four physio videos for cardio, abs, legs, and arms and love it. They are challenging, but you are having tons of fun while you do it, now that is a perfect combination for a workout. Her energy is contagious and excites you for your workout ahead! She’s energetic, fun, and motivating! If your just trying the videos start out small. You could try this out:

Week one:
Cardio, legs – 20 minutes

Legs, cardio, abs – 30 minutes

Cardio, legs, cardio, abs – 40 minutes

Legs, cardio, abs, cardio, arms – 50 minutes

Week two:
Cardio, legs, cardio, abs, cardio, arms – 60 minutes

Cardio, legs, cardio, abs, cardio, arms – 60 minutes

Cardio, legs, cardio, abs, cardio, arms – 60 minutes

The best part about her streaming videos in ten minute increments is that if you have the time for a longer workout try 30, 40, 50, 60 minute circuit.
If you don’t have time incorporate it throughout the day – 20 minutes – morning, mid day, evening.
If you are really busy squeeze in at least 20 to 30 minutes a day videos of your choice. Maybe 2 cardios and 1 strength or 2 strength and 1 cardio.

Don’t forget she has 3 sets of videos – launch series, bands, physio ball so you could try:

Monday 20 to 60 minutes of launch videos

Wednesday 20 to 60 minutes of band videos

Friday 20 to 60 minutes of physio videos

Sunday – start over 20 to 60 minutes of launch videos

The options are endless, have fun!

AKT in Motion will also be releasing DVD’s soon – TBD.

Remember: you can check out AKT in Motion on you tube to get a preview of the AKT workouts!