Provoking Thought of the Day – July 3

How many times can you slam the door on someone before they are no longer waiting on the other side of it?


Do you stay or do you go…

When to stay and when to go

Does anyone ever really know

Is it something that just dawns on you in one moment, one second

Are we leaping to that answer

Does it feel scary, safe, unknown

What to do when you don’t know

Games and games, but no real answer

Always giving controlling but never keeping it

The ifs and unknowns are scary but is staying the same or worse

What to do when people leave you hanging in the unknown

Do they already know what they are going to do and leave you in suspense

Or are they just as confused

Hard knowing what someone else is thinking and guess you never know

Do you go off past behaviors and actions or trust them

Have you trusted them and gave them too many chances already

Do you stay or do you go


Stamped and sealed approval from the person you care so much about.

Always looking elsewhere, but never inside.

Need to find it at home, in love life, school, or work.

Likes versus no likes.

That surge of confidence from attention.

The praise you crave or need when you are feeling down or low.

Just to know your doing an okay job rather than an awful one.

Sometimes we want it sometimes we need it.

Hopefully we give it to ourselves first and foremost.


Squandering time

Making the most of time is so important.

Never knowing how much time we really have.

Who it should or should not be spent on.

Sometimes we spend the time on it regardless, hopeful of different outcomes.

How do we make the most of our time do we have kids, climb mountains, advance our career, devote it to our faith in a higher power.

Do we party and celebrate every moment in social settings.

Find and make fun by ourselves.

Time is what we want it to be, what we find most important to us.

Something that afterwards we think I made the most of my time and this was good for me as well.

Think before your squander and if you still squander think about it after what else could I have done with my time.

Fret not my friends

Some things are worth it, some are not.

It may take days, weeks, or years until we recognize that the things we fret over, we should not.

How badly do you fret.

Is there a lump in your throat.

Heart racing.

Nervous twitch in your legs.

Loss of appetite because your so concerned.

Maybe increased hunger to cope.

Everything looks grey or lacks color or energy.

Is the thing or person you are fretting over, ever fret over you.

Do you physically or mentally need to endure whatever it is your feeling for that person or thing.

Will fretting about something get you farther along or closer to the thing you desire.

Fret not my friends, things will work out.




Higher power 

When you feel lost call out to a higher power. 

When you feel unsafe call out to a higher power. 

When you have no answers to always present questions call out to a higher power. 

When you just need to let go and let things be call out to a higher power. 

When things get crazy and you have no control call out to a higher power. 

When you need a gentle or big nudge to do something you fear call out to a higher power. 

Before you lose all faith in self, others, or the world call out to a higher power.. 

Tree love

The beauty of trees is limitless. 

Although not always noticed. 

The sound of the leaves wrestling in the wind. 

The birds chirping in them. 

The beautiful greens or fall arrays of colors. 

Climbing trees as a kid or adult. 

The glow of the moon kissing the side of the trees. 

The gentle movement or shimy in the bright blue sky. 

Nature is beauty, a gift, and something to be treasured and cherished.