Tree love

The beauty of trees is limitless. 

Although not always noticed. 

The sound of the leaves wrestling in the wind. 

The birds chirping in them. 

The beautiful greens or fall arrays of colors. 

Climbing trees as a kid or adult. 

The glow of the moon kissing the side of the trees. 

The gentle movement or shimy in the bright blue sky. 

Nature is beauty, a gift, and something to be treasured and cherished. 


Snuba Diving

Snuba Diving in Nassau, Bahamas

Who doesn’t love a little adventure, travel, and a new challenge?

I recently went on my first cruise – which was very exciting and a lot of fun and decided to do some excursions. I have never heard of this before, but it was definitely interesting and left you wanting more. It was exciting to try going farther under the water without the training of scuba diving or limitations of snorkeling. The breathing was definitely challenging if you are not a seasoned swimmer.

I still get an adrenaline rush and surge of excitement thinking about it. I will admit I was not as successful with it as I would have liked to been or expected. The sites underwater are amazing though and made me feel like I was in a different world. I want to continue practicing this and be able to go farther down at some point. One of the coolest things about it is how it challenges your brain to take over your anxiety and to control your breathing. I feel this is a skill and an art that can not be easily mastered by everyone.

If your travelling somewhere and looking for excursions make sure you check it out! I attached the link to company and location we used! Have fun!

What you can do to Prevent Animal Extinction


There are always ways for us – individually or as a group to have a positive impact on the environment and animal species. I have attached a list with some great ideas on how to do so. Most things on the list are considerably easy. The more time and effort you put in to this list the more impactful results you’ll have. Help keep are animals alive!

Also please note chart attached was updated in *2009