Books to Add to your Must Read List

must read

Running out of books to read? Attached is a list 30 books that would go with your personality and certain things you are looking for in books. The list consists of a wide variety of books. I have read a few on the list and would highly recommend them!


Top Rated Health Books in 2014

New year, new you! Attached are some health and wellness books to check out for the new year if you have not in 2014. I have purchased a few and found them very helpful.

Another book I would like to add is:

20 Pounds Younger

I recently purchased this and I am quite pleased with the content and tips!

Most Inspiring Individuals for Health and Wellness in 2014


Looking for ways to be inspired and get started in 2015 with some tips and ideas from leading health role models from 2014. Check out this list for some ideas on different things you can do and add to your current routine!

Health and Fitness: Highlights of 2014

Attached are some of the best workout ideas and books of 2014. If your looking for some ideas to try if you haven’t already!