Most Inspiring Individuals for Health and Wellness in 2014


Looking for ways to be inspired and get started in 2015 with some tips and ideas from leading health role models from 2014. Check out this list for some ideas on different things you can do and add to your current routine!


Thrive Market: making ordering healthy and organic products easier


Looking for products and foods that are healthy and organic without going to the grocery store searching long periods of time for healthy food options? Thrive Market gives you the oppurtunity to go online purchase a year membership that will go towards discounts for their products. There are categories such Moms, Raw, Vegan, and Paleo. Under each category you will find a wide range of products for granola bars, flour, mints, and shampoo. Check it out for some great ideas and to kick start a new regimen for being more environmentally friendly and healthier.

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Top Ranked Innovative Cities in USA

I love innovation especially when innovation is helping an individual to be more independent, a company to work for the better of it’s workers and the environment, and improvement on how a city runs. This article includes top innovative cities in the USA and why.


The Power of Zero: Planning for your future and retirement with minimal taxes


I heard about this book on the radio earlier this morning and must say I am impressed with this and wanted to share it with readers. Financial planners were discussing this book and how it can help you to minimize tax fees that you may incur in the future on your retirement funds – 401 K’s, Roth IRA’s, SEP’s, etc. That will surely be increasing in the future. The author gives you suggestions and a plan on and how to handle it now and avoiding those to be determined amounts!

Increasing daily productivity

To Do

Somedays I feel like I make lists and these lists do not get touched or completed. I have long work hours, like to workout, cook, relax, but sometimes I feel that other things are not getting done. May be lack of motivation, tired, procastination a whole gamite of things and excuses. I know I would like to get more accomplished daily and not continue to put things off. I want to be successful and remain driven each and every day. I looked up how to create to do lists because I thought it may help me increase my likelihood to get things done! I liked the suggestions and find them to be realistic things I can implement. The suggestions seem as though they are for making and completing tasks daily. I will continue looking for how to complete tasks, goals, etc that are for the future, but until then I think chipping away at the daily will help me to get closer to the long term goals I have. Stay tuned for more suggestions on how to increase productivity!