Squandering time

Making the most of time is so important. Never knowing how much time we really have. Who it should or should not be spent on. Sometimes we spend the time on it regardless, hopeful of different outcomes. How do we make the most of our time do we have kids, climb mountains, advance our career, … More Squandering time

Fools rush in, scared people fear everything

Impulsive, leap before think, doing what others do. Laid back, weighing all the pros and cons, paranoid. Never settled, always reaching for something, nothing is ever good enough. Fearful, hate change, can’t envision the future but needs to before the next move. Scared to be alone, can’t stop, won’t stop mentality. Fearful of people, fearful … More Fools rush in, scared people fear everything

Higher power 

When you feel lost call out to a higher power.  When you feel unsafe call out to a higher power.  When you have no answers to always present questions call out to a higher power.  When you just need to let go and let things be call out to a higher power.  When things get … More Higher power 

Twisted words

Twisted words wrapped up in confusion. Twisted words made to trick you to say yes. Twisted words to coil around your brain and thoughts. Twisted words to make you sad, mad, happy, angry and make everything flutter in chaos. Twisted words to make you feel good but others peril. Twisted with no logic. Twisted words … More Twisted words

Tree love

The beauty of trees is limitless.  Although not always noticed.  The sound of the leaves wrestling in the wind.  The birds chirping in them.  The beautiful greens or fall arrays of colors.  Climbing trees as a kid or adult.  The glow of the moon kissing the side of the trees.  The gentle movement or shimy … More Tree love


The people who stay up late with thoughts of what’s next.  What can I do better. How can I help someone. When they do things they do it with their whole heart.  They don’t give up, it’s not an option.  They silently fight through their battles.  They motivate and push others. They never stop working … More Warriors