The deadliest of poisons 

Fang marks left for an eternity. 

Quick and deadly.

Hopeful all of the venom has been vanished from blood stream.

But it lingers circulating through all of your veins, arteries, and heart.

Heart survives from it now. 

Each beat is a reminder of the venom master and it’s powers. 

The venom’s highs and lows become an addiction.

An obsession, necessary for life now. 

Not healthy by any means but needed and wanted for some reason. 

Looking for ways to extract or is it a part of blood type now. 

Once bitten by this thing now doing the same or similar. 

Hiding in the shadows like the Hulk not wanting to be set off by love or hate. 

Pondering still with no answers or solutions. 

Maybe one day there will be a cure for this nasty venomous bite. 


The crash

The feeling you have after over caffeinating.

The feeling when none of the small things during the day seem to be going right.

Things not going right or happening the way you would like at work.

Personal feelings about a loved interest that just never seem to work out right.

Maybe you tell someone how you really feel it is not or will never be the same.

The tiny disputes you have with loved ones, not life shattering but slowly adding up.

The toys scattered about from fur kids or human kids.

The feeling of the cool or hot water pelting your head as you shower off the day.

The end of the day when your head finally slams down on the pillow.


Athletic shoes

I have a deep love for my athletic shoes.

They describe me fairly well, in several aspects of my life.

Reliable, sometimes too reliable I usually don’t go anywhere without them.

Comfortable, more comfortable than anything I can wear on my feet.

Colorful – not much for gray, or black and white. I spice these up and not afraid to mix match them with other things.

I put miles and miles on things probably go over as well, but I keep moving along in them until destruction.

Their once crisp looks aged by the elements of mud, snow, and water.

You bring me peace, joy, and pain.

I guess a good pain but I wouldn’t live a day without it.

How do my shoes relate to me.

The reliability rain, snow, sleet I’ll be here.

Comfortable enough to talk to about any or everything.

Colorful and loving the spice that is life.

I take a beating from different things but I get back up.

Who would have thought they could find such love and beauty in a pair of athletic shoes.


Looking glass

Peering out the window in to the unknown and vast outdoors.

What is seen.. Tops of buildings, shimmery lights, waves of the ocean, a steady lake, thundering mountain top, fast moving cars, people gathering, stars and moon above.

So many things to see.

Maybe you see someone peering outside of a window.

You see their look and expression, their imagination open as they look unto these things.

Not only do you feel their thoughts possibly, but your own.

Maybe you think of a memory of a loved one peering out a window, the beauty experienced in that moment, a memory you will always have.

Maybe you stand by this window with someone and reflect on what you see and all the beauty their is to behold.

Maybe that beauty is outside waiting for you take it or maybe that beauty is in the person next to you.

So many things to see and reflect upon when peering through the looking glass.


The fog

Waking up to a thick mysterious fog.

Coming home at night to it engulfing your car, home, sight of vision.

Unable to fully see what is behind it.

Moving forward not quite sure what you will encounter next.

Traveling by memory through twists and turns.

Are any of these twists or turns new or unforeseen.

What stranger like things lurk in the fog.

What similar things are hidden in the fog.

The fog only unmasks what it wants when it is ready to.

Waiting patiently as the fog swallows everything or reveals everything.


Climbing mountains

Ascending up the mountain, looking all around for answers.

Where to grab or reach for next.

Will my hand loose grip if I grab the wrong rock.

Will my hand be too clammy, fingers too small, or grip to weak to really grab hold.

Will my foot slip and my upper body be able to handle the weight of my body.

Did I choose the right mountain or day to climb.

Should I have gone with someone else or alone.

Sometimes a few steps forward require a few steps back to create the best path for me to take.

There are no written directions when climbing what rocks are best to choose.

The things you see when climbing, so beautiful or maybe not as pretty as imagined.

The thoughts running through your mind as you challenge yourself more and more.

Can I do this even when all I want to do is take a long rest or give up.

The passion within

Sometimes I wish I could turn it down or off.

Sometimes it is just what I need to not give up.

Sometimes I get so focused in on something it is all I can think about or dream about.

Like an unreachable itch.

So many questions so many things to do or accomplish.

Sometimes towards people and it’s good sometimes too much and not returned.

Putting my hole heart in.

Wanting and working towards the best version I can achieve.

Driving me toward something, reasons why I get up.

Makes my heart beat faster and motivates me.

The passion within will never be lost this I know to be true.