Fret not my friends

Some things are worth it, some are not.

It may take days, weeks, or years until we recognize that the things we fret over, we should not.

How badly do you fret.

Is there a lump in your throat.

Heart racing.

Nervous twitch in your legs.

Loss of appetite because your so concerned.

Maybe increased hunger to cope.

Everything looks grey or lacks color or energy.

Is the thing or person you are fretting over, ever fret over you.

Do you physically or mentally need to endure whatever it is your feeling for that person or thing.

Will fretting about something get you farther along or closer to the thing you desire.

Fret not my friends, things will work out.





Countless chances

I give you countless chances for anything under the sun. 

I have been here most of the time, whenever you needed me. 

If not physically, verbally then mentally. 

I sit here and wait for things you promised. 

I sit here hopeful you won’t disappoint me again. 

But why.. you will always pick someone or something over me. 

I guess there comes a time in your life when you are the person who is hopelessly devoted, tied up, waiting for something from a certain someone. 

As I sit here and wait it clicks, I’ve heard it times before if you are looking for something in someone else most likely you are not fully loving yourself. 

I’ll admit I don’t, I clearly don’t. I’m not quite sure why and I am working on that but I am hoping one day I will love myself more than anyone else can. So I can stop giving countless chances. So I can give my full love to someone else too because I loved myself first. 

If I can’t be whole by myself, I can’t be whole or together with someone else. 

I hope if any of you out there give countless chances that you ask yourself do I fully love myself and why am I giving this person or people countless chances. 

Love, luck, and light, JK 

Stealing my own happiness 

Comparison is the thief of my joy, maybe yours too? 

Years of watching my family making ends meet.

Years of the same for me. 

The stress, sweat, thoughts of will I ever be comfortable in life and can I provide for others. 

Working hard each and every day, but still letting thoughts of what others have creep in. 

Whether inherited, got lucky with a gamble, or their own hard work. 

What was I doing wrong or why did they have such an abundance. 

Am I not working long or hard enough. 

What do I really want in terms of wealth, money, material things. 

Comparing where I am to someone else is comparing limes and lemons. 

The real question is what makes you or me happy. 

A walk outside, sitting at the top of  a restaurant eating a 300 hundred dollar meal, sitting in a mansion with a east and west wing? 

First find what makes you happy, where do you want to go or live, who do you want there with you? 

Health is wealth for sure. Traveling and hiking and swimming, exploring new areas would be wonderful. 

Hard work, dreams, and goals will get you or me these places they don’t need to be fancy or 5 star.  I would happily take a tent on a plot of land and see the world. 

Less is more and living a miniamalistic life meeting my own personal, career, fitness, adventure, spiritual goals seems to be a part of my journey. 

What about yours? 

Tune up

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Ever feel you or your life needs a tune up? Like a car that needs an oil change or this or that fixed. Whether it is your health, mentality, spirituality, or appearance. Day to day life or monotony wearing on you? Sometimes we just get stuck in the routine of work, life, schedules it is hard to imagine doing anything else or differently.

It would be so nice for someone to tell us how to change things or get those updates we need. How often should we do these updates to get the most out of our day or our life. Regular tune ups may help us to feel more alive and fresh, give us new motivation. Something new to work towards.

What kind of tune up do you need or are you good where you are? Things to think about to maximize on you, who you are, and where your going in life. There is so much to one person/ human and so many ways to grow or impact the world. Maybe your tune up will motivate others to do the same.

Here’s to a successful tune up!

Family Tree

The ones assigned to come before us.

Part of who we are and what we come from. 

Blue collar, white collar, no category or collar just people trying to make it in this world, this  life. 

Oh, how I would love to know each of you and your trials and tribulations. 

To know more about when your spirit was set ablaze and you found what made everything tick for you or the world. 

You discovered the undiscoverable, what I am yearning to learn more about. 

Oh, how I would love to know more about you..this world.. 

The part of me and my place that comes from you in this beautiful world. 


When everything is going wrong we stay poised.

Always showing that picture perfect image that everything is fine when we are feeling something else completely different inside.

Poised when someone or the world needs us to be a certain way.

Why not be what we want and need in our own version of “Poised.”

I am realizing you can’t always be what people want you to be like to make them feel better.

I am me, that is unique and unoriginal to every other human on this earth.

We are all beautifully imperfect and earned our rights to be who we are, not posing behind a poised position that someone else needs us to have.

Embrace and love who you are, what you came from, and your present moment.

Decide what your version of being poised is..


Finding New Hobbies

We all have our hobbies and things we like to do during our free time that is expressive of who we are or helps us to relax. Attached is a quiz to fill out to see if there are any other hobbies or things that your not doing that may fit your personality. If you have any time off around the holidays or looking to start something new for 2015, check out the quiz to see if it gives any ideas for something new to do!