10 Books That Will Change Your Life

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your DestinyThe Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny

Sometimes we go through things and talking to people is difficult. That’s why there are books that guide you to make changes. These are books that may give you the final push towards achieving your goals and leading the best life you can possibly have!

1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

A wonderful story about Julian Mantle – hot shot lawyer who literally sold his Ferrari and became a monk. Purely fiction but the lessons in the book document his spiritual journey, and how he went from have everything in the physical world to finding peace and reaching his destiny. It’s a great pick me up for anyone looking for answers.

2. Manifest Your Destiny by Dr. Wayne Dyer

While “The Secret” is a popular book. This one is better…

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Mentally – Excel in your 30s

Mentally – Excel in your 30s


As we get older we change and different things become more or less important to us. Things that we hold on to need to be let go of so new things can enter our life. Life is a journey each moment is left up for chance and change. I believe once you reach your 30s you are possibly reaching a new transition to your life that does not resemble that of you in your younger 20s. It may be the same, but a more grown up and wiser version of yourself. We are all on and off a path at different times in our lives. I attached a link for people in their 30s that are looking to make changes or improvements. It says that it is for exceling in your 30s, but I think it can be applied at any age depending on where you are at now in life and your journey.

Making better decisions

I included a link of a how to for making better decisions. I know this is something I always struggle with and will second guess myself before and long after a decision is made. For all you overly cautious, detailed oriented, possibly over analyzers, hopefully this article will give you some perspective and good tips.

Article: http://huff.to/1lCRUc4


AKT in Motion – Round 2: Band Series Videos


AKT in Motion – Round 2: Band Series Videos

AKT in motion recently released the second round of online streaming videos! This set of videos features exercises with resistance bands, if you don’t have resistance bands she will provide you with options at the beginning of her video. I recently started the new videos and love them! Especially the burn and challenge I get from the core, arms, and leg exercises. The choregraphy is fun and  challenging. I love how energized I feel after these new videos and look forward to mixing them up with the first set of videos! Hope you try them out! These videos definitely give me variety compared to going to the gym, biking, and running all the time!


Bold Color Combos for Your Home

I love HGTV, decorating, putting my own style and flair together for my home. Bold color combinations can make a room pop. I loved the new color pairings that are trending this summer. They are fun and a great foundation for a rooms color scheme. Also a great way to get you thinking outside of the box! Happy decorating!