Day 9: X Mas Exercise Challenge 

Good morning lets sculpt those arms! 

Side arm raises palms face back of the room 3 sets 10 pick a medium weight increase when easily do 2 sets

Around the worlds 3 sets 10

Side bicep curls 3 sets of 10 to 12

Low chest fly 3 sets of 12 

Front to side raises then side to front 3 sets of 12 pick a medium weight increase after 2 sets done more easily 

Good luck! 


Natural Energy Drinks

Attached is a list of some natural energy drinks that you can find online or the organic section of your grocery store. If you are looking for a more natural way to increase your energy levels and not always drink coffee or other heavily caffeinated energy drinks this may be the route for you.

Specific Smoothie Ideas for Post Workout

What you eat or drink after your workouts can help you recover from the type of exercises you just endured. The different foods and jucices can help you prepare for the rest of the day, re-energize, or promote muscle recovery. Attached is some ideas for post workout drinks for different types of exercise routines, whether it’s hot yoga, TRX, or an intense cycling workout. Check it out!

Juicing with Herbs and Spices

I am always looking for ways to feel better and be healthier. Whether its different ways for exercising, changing eating habits, etc. Check out this website for the benefits of herbs and spices and an easier way to eat or drink them to reap their benefits!

Thrive Market: making ordering healthy and organic products easier


Looking for products and foods that are healthy and organic without going to the grocery store searching long periods of time for healthy food options? Thrive Market gives you the oppurtunity to go online purchase a year membership that will go towards discounts for their products. There are categories such Moms, Raw, Vegan, and Paleo. Under each category you will find a wide range of products for granola bars, flour, mints, and shampoo. Check it out for some great ideas and to kick start a new regimen for being more environmentally friendly and healthier.

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