Things to Look Forward to in 2015!


Attached you will find an article about some things to get excited about for the New Year! If you already made of list of some things you can do whether its events, movies, music, races, traveling, you name it check out this list for additional ideas to add to your 2015 to do list.


Summoning the Designer in All of us

Whether you are in a studio, loft, apartment, condo, townhouse, or house we all have some decorating to do! Maybe we solicit the helped of loved ones, an interior decorator, stylist, etc. but coming up with your own ideas or ideas from others with our own spin can look just as good and be just as fun. Making a place your home and welcoming to friends and family is a wonderful thing. When we were are not at work, traveling, busy with life our time at home is when we make memories that we will remember forever and when we actually get to unwind and breathe. Attached you will find some blogs to check out for room design ideas. Have fun!

Picasso and Others


Picasso’s art is quite interesting and influential to anyone artistic or who has an eye or vision for creating something beautiful from their own sense of creativity. This article shows you different works of art to inspire you to be creative.

Tulum Beach: a little slice of heaven

This summer 2014 I took a trip to Tulum, Mayan Riviera, and Chichen Itza. The ruins were amazing to see as well as emerging yourself in the culture of the Mayans. Zip lining over the jungle like forests in mexico was a blast! My favorite by far was the Tulum ruins and Tulum beach, just beautiful! If your looking at trips to Mexico I highly recommend these sites!




Minimize Phone time Maxamize Family, Friend, and Career time

I know some times I get a little to involved with my phone, reading, apps, etc and not take time to enjoy the moment. I may even make someone else mad or upset with my lack of attention. Not often, but when it does happen