Thoughts Out Loud

Looking back on the year so far, I can tell and feel it has been a rough one for me. My thoughts have been scattered, focus unreliable, and direction unknown. I don’t know the answers to what I am going through or where to even start. I feel sad a lot, but at the same … More Thoughts Out Loud

Soulful eyes

Eyes dark and piercing. So much to say, but so afraid to. Deep dark thoughts and bright ones that could dim or lighten the world around her. Thoughts and feelings about things small or big that may or may not be important. Knowing deep down inside something so big exists that if you could properly … More Soulful eyes


Stamped and sealed approval from the person you care so much about. Always looking elsewhere, but never inside. Need to find it at home, in love life, school, or work. Likes versus no likes. That surge of confidence from attention. The praise you crave or need when you are feeling down or low. Just to … More Validation

Squandering time

Making the most of time is so important. Never knowing how much time we really have. Who it should or should not be spent on. Sometimes we spend the time on it regardless, hopeful of different outcomes. How do we make the most of our time do we have kids, climb mountains, advance our career, … More Squandering time

Fools rush in, scared people fear everything

Impulsive, leap before think, doing what others do. Laid back, weighing all the pros and cons, paranoid. Never settled, always reaching for something, nothing is ever good enough. Fearful, hate change, can’t envision the future but needs to before the next move. Scared to be alone, can’t stop, won’t stop mentality. Fearful of people, fearful … More Fools rush in, scared people fear everything