Heart Health, Depression, Young Female Population

http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2014/06/19/depression-a-powerful-risk-factor-for-heart-disease-in-young-women/ Being young and healthy does not make us indestructible. At any point in time a health issue could arise. All we can do is are best and to stay up to date on current and factual research. Being a woman in her 30s seemingly healthy I still like to stay on top of things … More Heart Health, Depression, Young Female Population

Motivating Young Women

Originally posted on The Girl with Red Glasses:
In our Organizational Behavior Course, we did a survey studying our business students (all females) trying to figure out, if independence is what they are looking for rather than just following our traditional lifestyle. We came up with clear questions, and each answer is equally important for us. motivatin.B (This is…