Carbohydrates and Fats


Attached is an article about carbohydrates and fat intake. Researchers take a closer look at choosing carbohydrates and fats that are healthier for your heart. In the article you will get several ideas on which foods to select that are lower in carbohydrates or fats. Take a look for some healthier eating ideas.


Heart Health, Depression, Young Female Population

Being young and healthy does not make us indestructible. At any point in time a health issue could arise. All we can do is are best and to stay up to date on current and factual research. Being a woman in her 30s seemingly healthy I still like to stay on top of things with my health. I know sometimes I lag behind in that department, but staying aware and consistent of how you and your body feels is important. Staying up to date with doctor appointments and annual screenings are especially important. Exercise, healthy eating, weight management, and knowing your family’s history is also important. I attached this article because it talks about a correlation between depression, risk factors for heart disease, and the female population.