Top Rated Health Books in 2014

New year, new you! Attached are some health and wellness books to check out for the new year if you have not in 2014. I have purchased a few and found them very helpful.

Another book I would like to add is:

20 Pounds Younger

I recently purchased this and I am quite pleased with the content and tips!


Most Inspiring Individuals for Health and Wellness in 2014


Looking for ways to be inspired and get started in 2015 with some tips and ideas from leading health role models from 2014. Check out this list for some ideas on different things you can do and add to your current routine!

Health and Fitness: Highlights of 2014

Attached are some of the best workout ideas and books of 2014. If your looking for some ideas to try if you haven’t already!


Specific Smoothie Ideas for Post Workout

What you eat or drink after your workouts can help you recover from the type of exercises you just endured. The different foods and jucices can help you prepare for the rest of the day, re-energize, or promote muscle recovery. Attached is some ideas for post workout drinks for different types of exercise routines, whether it’s hot yoga, TRX, or an intense cycling workout. Check it out!

Juicing with Herbs and Spices

I am always looking for ways to feel better and be healthier. Whether its different ways for exercising, changing eating habits, etc. Check out this website for the benefits of herbs and spices and an easier way to eat or drink them to reap their benefits!

Tips for Improving Overall Health


This article has several awesome ideas for improving your health and wellness. If your looking for easy things to implement in your routine to reduce stress, promote weight loss, healthier eating habits, and maximize your energy and productivity levels throughout the day this article is for you. Choose 1 to 3 tips to try out for the next day or the week once you have made those habits try 1 to 3 more! Have fun!