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Last year around Spring 2013 I was watching fitness week on Kelly and Michael. Each day they would try or show a new method for working out for example Cross Fit and the one that really caught my attention was AKT in Motion. Why? Because it kicked Kelly Ripa’s butt or at least gave her a run for her money! The theme for the class is “Movement with Purpose.” Anna Kaiser developed this class/ technique and her team has extensive dance and educational backgrounds as well as certifications in Pilates, Yoga, and more. Anna has been in Denise Austin and Sean T. – Insanity videos. Her background includes a BFA in dance and a degree in sports medicine, kinesiology, and functional anatomy. She also has teaching certificates in Pilates, TRX total resistance exercise, and NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine.

There are studios located in New York City and more sites to come. The quickest way to access AKT in Motion videos are by visiting the website and purchasing the videos. The videos come in 10 minute increments and you can purchase all 4 to create a 60 minute class Cardio, Legs, Cardio, Abs, Cardio, Arms. The videos are updated about every 2 months if not before. There are also some clips on you tube – Pop Sugar if you’d like a preview of it. I have been doing the 60 minute circuit 4 times a week and love it! You can choose and do the videos anyway you like abs every other day, cardio – legs – cardio another day for a 30 minute workout. I love and recommend this workout because of its high energy, choreography, and level of difficulty. This workout is different from other videos and classes, it gives me energy to power through my day, as well as increasing my strength and endurance, and improvements in my form and posture. All around it’s a great and fun workout and I highly suggest it for anyone looking for a new, fun, sexy, and challenging workout!

You can find information on the AKT in Motion website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and you tube for some previews!

Hope you check it out and enjoy it as much as I have!



A Beautiful Soul: Maya Angelou


A Beautiful Soul: Maya Angelou

Remembering a beautiful woman with a beautiful mind and soul.  Her words, poems, interaction with society has opened our mind and our eyes. She has given us words and thoughts to think of and to help us make a greater change. She reminds us that each of us has something we struggle with, something that we have to fight through even when times our dark, there is a rainbow or a helping hand waiting for us to reach towards. She is an inspiration to those who strive to leave a positive thumbprint in this world.. in their lifetime. The world is a better place because of her and her legacy will carry on forever.

Gabrielle Bernstein – Miracles Now

Gabrielle Bernstein – Miracles Now

Miracles Now, written by Gabrielle Bernstein is a wonderful book. This book can be used in several ways teaching you how to be one with the world and people around you, forgiving, letting go of financial stress, letting things go and letting God, the universe take things over for you, how to let energy and white (positive) light pour from you, and how to teach in a spiritual way. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to travel down a more spiritual path, incorporate spiritual beliefs in their business, or a message that they want to convey to friends, family, people on a larger scale. She also talks about being real, true to yourself, putting your ego down and serving the world for a larger purpose. We all have a greater purpose do we know what that is already? I believe this book can be beneficial to anyone looking to think on a deeper level or more soulful manner. I hope that you read her book and visit her site and it positively impacts you like it has me.


New X-Men movie…..


Well the new X-Men movie in my opinion was good. Critics and other viewers seem to agree.. Definitely had some funny parts especially with Johnny trying to get Eric (Magneto) out of prison.. This movie had my attention more than the last one. I’m a big fan of wolverine as always, but I would like to see more of storm’s and Scott (cyclops) history. A clean slate will make things interesting.

Need Motivation? Read these for extra umph for the rest of your week!


Need Motivation? Read these for extra umph for the rest of your week!

Being a big fan of Forbes, I always like to go through their articles and posts. Thought I would share this for some extra motivation for the rest of the week! Enjoy!

Network, network, network

Dollies Daydream

It’s been a busy old week at Dollies HQ.  My eldest daydreamer lost her first tooth, I’ve been working on orders and new ideas (including some for around 6 months time…) and I have been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine with family and friends. I am a fan of winter but its so lovely to throw the doors and windows open in the summer.


In addition to all this, I have been networking on social media and reaching out to other crafters, businesses and customers. Now to some of you, you may be thinking ‘she’s only just started doing this?’ and it may be part of your daily routine whether you want to publicize your blog, business or other venture. For me, I admit it is new to some extent. 

Sourced from Pinterest Sourced from Pinterest

Don’t get me wrong, I have dipped my toe in the water when it comes to networking…

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Motivating Young Women

The Girl with Red Glasses

In our Organizational Behavior Course, we did a survey studying our business students (all females) trying to figure out, if independence is what they are looking for rather than just following our traditional lifestyle.

We came up with clear questions, and each answer is equally important for us.

motivatin.B (This is a pdf file for the report)

Business survey.B (This is the survey we gave)

We really enjoyed it, I hope you will too!

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