Thoughts Out Loud

Looking back on the year so far, I can tell and feel it has been a rough one for me. My thoughts have been scattered, focus unreliable, and direction unknown. I don’t know the answers to what I am going through or where to even start. I feel sad a lot, but at the same … More Thoughts Out Loud

The Statue

The statue in the garden everyone walks by. It’s facial expression, meaning not quite known. What was this person who sculpted, thinking. Does it portray a person in real life from a picture or certain point in time. The serious gaze on the statue. If you take notice you almost think the statue looks angry, … More The Statue

The Road of Life

Swerving bumps and curves Manipulating hills and valleys Sometimes flat, straight, and boring Going so fast you feel the slight loss of control for a few moments and rush of a adrenaline Racing someone for the fun of it or maybe just some hidden anger inside Joy riding, windows down, hair flowing, wind smacking your … More The Road of Life

The Fool

Always here, heart and mind so tied to you  Fool me hundreds of times  Yet I stay here for you  Expecting a different reason or result  Maybe it was my fault always seems to be in my mind  How many times can I let you rip and stomp on my heart I let you sow … More The Fool

The Guilt 

You tug at my heart  You want me to feel pain to agree with you  You want to work one of ny weaknesses against me  That thing that sometimes wish didn’t feel and doesn’t make sense  It’s not love but makes you do silly things  Think twice before you let it get the best of … More The Guilt