My Own Way

When there are no answers or directions. … More My Own Way


The Secret

Have things changed Have you changed Are you happy with things you were not as happy with before Are you fulfilled, your cup overflowing Her, work, life, family, money Is it all as grand as can me Is that why you haven’t bothered Not a word or a peep Do I cross your mind Do  … More The Secret


Tempted to reach out to you Tempted to be here for you Tempted to go back to our old ways if you ever came back Tempted to move forward Tempted to never look back Tempted to feel free, more free than I ever have Which one will it be


I thought when I met you I found something wonderful and beautiful Felt rich with compliments and a connection unmatched I could feel it all through my mind body and heart Calm, firery, and thrilling Was it just a facade and faking it Come and go, in and out of life Like a revolving door … More Jackpot

Crossing Paths

Do I ever cross your mind like you cross mine Passing through my mind like a frequent flyer Good, bad, indifferent Time goes by but still your in my brain like burnt food to a pan Sometimes you scrub and scrub but never cleans or exactly the same as when first used Over the years … More Crossing Paths

Twists and Turns

Twisting, turning when it comes to you Like a tornado twisting me about removing all stability and strength Turning the page forward then backward to read again not fully understanding of Twisting my self in knots to be here for you and comply to most of your requests Turning myself inside out to keep you … More Twists and Turns