Tree love

The beauty of trees is limitless. 

Although not always noticed. 

The sound of the leaves wrestling in the wind. 

The birds chirping in them. 

The beautiful greens or fall arrays of colors. 

Climbing trees as a kid or adult. 

The glow of the moon kissing the side of the trees. 

The gentle movement or shimy in the bright blue sky. 

Nature is beauty, a gift, and something to be treasured and cherished. 


Dandelion wishes 

Floating through the air.. each time I see your skeleton I think it’s time to make a wish. 

You give me hope you give me joy sometimes though I think what’s the point probably won’t come true.

But still I wish hopefully each time. 

Even when I see you growing from the ground I think about the hope you give me. 

Your bright colors give me joy as well. 

The simplicity of a dandelion full bloom or skeleton both have beauty, hope, and joy no matter how fruitless it may seem. 

High tides

High tides wash over me, cleanse me of wrongdoings that I feel deep inside. 

High tides knock some sense in to me when I am going the wrong way and still have time to decide.

High tides shake my world up when I get stuck in the hamster wheel. 

High tides soothe me when sorrow over comes me. 

High tides let me ride you for pure passion and love of life. 

High tides bring me together with those of similarity. 

High tides seperate me from those of wicked or demeaning nature on to me.

High tides show me your true beauty.