Memories of you dancing in my dreams Thoughts of you sprinkled throughout my day Wondering what you are up to and how you are Wishing you were here with me to breathe in your features or stimulating conversation Attraction and electricity on several levels Still something missing, unaccounted for Open and closing doors sometimes warning, … More Unforgettable


Sometimes off sometimes on Impacted by something so small or big Maybe a variety of things Sometimes feel connected sometimes floating Like a snap of the fingers it can be switched It would be so nice to be on a steady frequency But the frequencies are more like watching a needle on a lie detector … More Vibes

Mummy Status

The hum drum of the day Drive to work Work itself Home life and duties Interactions with people Where is the spice of life when you want or crave it A new food A new do New friends Fun hobbies Some new music Learning something new Plan a vacation Train for something Dance in the … More Mummy Status


Like a stiff drink A mixed cocktail A few heavy lagers Or maybe some blondes from tap Cheap wine from a box Maybe like a refreshing Mojito, Moscow Mule, ginger beer, or smooth semi sweet or bold wine You are intoxicating Maybe energizing Maybe completing exhausting Mood suppressing or plain depressing Maybe you bring laughs, … More Tipsy

Rich Life

The clothes we buy The shoes we wear The jewelry or accessories we choose for ourselves Purses or wallets we carry The vehicles we drive Our homes and the items inside them The places we go or stay The events we can afford to attend if any The food we eat or liquids we drink … More Rich Life