Thoughts Out Loud

Looking back on the year so far, I can tell and feel it has been a rough one for me. My thoughts have been scattered, focus unreliable, and direction unknown. I don’t know the answers to what I am going through or where to even start. I feel sad a lot, but at the same … More Thoughts Out Loud

The Statue

The statue in the garden everyone walks by. It’s facial expression, meaning not quite known. What was this person who sculpted, thinking. Does it portray a person in real life from a picture or certain point in time. The serious gaze on the statue. If you take notice you almost think the statue looks angry, … More The Statue

The Road of Life

Swerving bumps and curves Manipulating hills and valleys Sometimes flat, straight, and boring Going so fast you feel the slight loss of control for a few moments and rush of a adrenaline Racing someone for the fun of it or maybe just some hidden anger inside Joy riding, windows down, hair flowing, wind smacking your … More The Road of Life

Finding Balance

The fine line we walk on that borders right or wrong. The thing we attempt to obtain to bring sanity into our lives. When the scales are so far tipped one way that we work tirelessly on evening it up. The push and pull tug o war. The foods we eat and habits we take … More Finding Balance

Silent games 

The silence is excruciatingly painful  The chatter it causes in one’s mind is torture  Did I do something wrong  What could I have done Why do you punish me so  A game of manipulation to get your way  Knowing that someone is waiting for your acknowledgment  It’s a twisted game  One with a conscious knows … More Silent games 

The Gate

Born into adversity Bullied mentally and physically Called every name in the book Pushed, pulled, and tortured behind closed doors and open ones   Never given the opportunities others had Always a shadow growing up, never in the spotlight unless being degraded No one to hide behind or to take some of the impact Father … More The Gate