Your Deliverance

A transition, a change, or stepping up. Doing things differently, possibly for the better. What you stand for wants and needs. Being released from the shackles that held you down in past beliefs. A new way to see or do things. Standing up for yourself or others, maybe for a certain thing. Something boiling deep … More Your Deliverance


Disgust what runs through me after reading some of what you say. Disgust with myself for listening or putting up with you. Disgust comes and goes I wish it would stay so I could stay away from you. Disgust causing a certain feeling in the stomach and ache in the head, heart, and body. Disgust … More Disgust


That dread that washes over me to do or not to do something. The overthinking that goes with it when deciding where to start. Better to just jump in feet first or walk cautiously along the edge. Where does waiting or stalling get me. Why am I so hesitant. Will this ever change for me. … More Procrastination


Anxious over what’s next  Wondering what you’ll do Or what I should do  Will you stay or will you go  Should I stay or should I go  Will you talk to me Part of me wants you to another part wants to not be here anymore  Wondering what will happen next leaves me sick to … More Anxious

Is This Goodbye

I believe today is your big day..  You said you would talk to me recently and have not  Does this mean you have paused or saying goodbye to me  What should I do Do I continue to be here always  Do I just go away  Do I slowly walk away or run  This has been … More Is This Goodbye


I heard something the other day on you tube and he said take the focus off of you and things will come. I did not catch the whole video so I don’t fully understand the meaning yet.  It has made me think quite a bit. The video was about coping with pain or loss.  So … More Focus