The Guilt 

You tug at my heart  You want me to feel pain to agree with you  You want to work one of ny weaknesses against me  That thing that sometimes wish didn’t feel and doesn’t make sense  It’s not love but makes you do silly things  Think twice before you let it get the best of … More The Guilt 

Silent games 

The silence is excruciatingly painful  The chatter it causes in one’s mind is torture  Did I do something wrong  What could I have done Why do you punish me so  A game of manipulation to get your way  Knowing that someone is waiting for your acknowledgment  It’s a twisted game  One with a conscious knows … More Silent games 

The Gate

Born into adversity Bullied mentally and physically Called every name in the book Pushed, pulled, and tortured behind closed doors and open ones   Never given the opportunities others had Always a shadow growing up, never in the spotlight unless being degraded No one to hide behind or to take some of the impact Father … More The Gate

The Wolf

The wolf in you.. what rank are you in the pack Leader, follower, protective, timid Fierce eyes and bold colors Wild, free, majestic Lethal or comforting Natural instinct for survival Your beauty and mystery is something to awe over Bravery and courage when needed and something to strive for Beautiful creature of the land to … More The Wolf


You scratch scars deep within me. Do you have a clue or do I do that to you. I wonder if things affect you the way they do me. I know some people are not capable of feeling deeply or emphatically for others. Do you mean it or are you just faking it. Will I … More Scars

The Wind

The wind blowing through my hair. The gentle breeze reassuring me there is more to life then all the worried thoughts running in my mind. Cooling me off on a hot day. Adding an extra element of cold to a chilly day, but somehow still crisp and refreshing. The wind blowing around dandelion wishes. Maybe … More The Wind