Colors of the soul 

Being complicated and far from perfect is beautiful.  The complexity of one’s mind, thoughts, actions are limitless and unknown.  The capabilities one have inside are infinite.  All made so differently but all exquisite in our own way.  What is for one isn’t for another.  I have no desire to be like another or to change … More Colors of the soul 

Pleasing you.. 

2 feet to 1 back to 2 about 100 times.  Walk a straight line with eyes closed.  Jump rope 60 minutes straight. Leaping through a blazing ring of fire.  Hula hooping for what seems like forever and not dropping.  Leaping building to building unassisted.  Walking a tightrope.  Running farther than 37 miles.  Unfortunately ice skating, … More Pleasing you.. 

Wasting time

Wasting time on thoughts of you. You won’t change. Wasting time things will be different or better. Why when you only get worse in many ways over time. Wasting time thinking you won’t lie or contradict yourself. .. But you always do. Wasting time thinking I am stronger than this. But still waiting on some … More Wasting time

Magic potion

Make life easier. Making all things come true. Making things come together that never seem to. Deep deep dreams of something unobtainable. Bringing you closer to the first thing you think of when you wake up. Or closer to the last thing crosses your mind before falling asleep. Something magical and unexplainable. Maybe we can … More Magic potion


Made how you want.. Look like you want. Say or don’t say anything. Just be there, bending at your will. No need for a heart or mind. Never liked a conflicting opinion or objection to your thoughts. Take the puppet out of the box when a little bored put the puppet away when things don’t … More Puppet


Knowing someone better than anyone else can. Devoted to health and well being of loved ones. Hardest worker around. Never stopping even with pure exhaustion. Solid like a rock inside and out. Carries on in future generations. Tan and Italian as can be. Lover of life, food, sports, and a good challenge. Kindest, most encouraging, … More Dad

Lion heart 

Protecting their loved ones.  Fierce and kind moments apart.  A leader, a hunter.  A watcher, waiting patiently for the right moment.  Part of a family, second and caretaker, first.  Not to be messed with or taken lightly.  Powerful, fierce, and confident.