Twists and Turns

Twisting, turning when it comes to you Like a tornado twisting me about removing all stability and strength Turning the page forward then backward to read again not fully understanding of Twisting my self in knots to be here for you and comply to most of your requests Turning myself inside out to keep you … More Twists and Turns

Are you there

I wonder about you quite frequently Some days are easier and some feel impossible Do you ever think of me or struggle with not talking to me Fells like I am being stabbed in the heart the thought of not a speck or thought of me on your end I use to feel an energetic … More Are you there

False Presence

The mask that some of us may have at times of sadness and confusion The facade we may put on to appear okay, but feeling differently inside Something that happened that deeply impacted us, maybe something we feel we can’t share Only one person feels they would relate in some way, but at the same … More False Presence

Death by Silence

The slow torture The wondering creeping in my mind like rain through cracks seeping along The grinding in my mind morning, day time, and waking me during the night Nightmares visiting me with thoughts of you Dying a slow death by silence Maybe feeding you with that sad energy Your silence is unknown and crushing … More Death by Silence


Missing you so.. Knowing it is bad to do so .. You stomp on my heart without a second thought, I’d bet money on that As time goes by I start to forget all the ways you hurt me In the tiniest and biggest ways Feeling the need to contact you or looking at all … More Amnesia

What is Next

When you know it is a time for new beginnings, but feel stuck in the sadness of the unknown Stuck somewhere between leaving the old and starting new You look forward but feel your gaze moving behind you too Looking over your shoulder almost feeling a past memory like it is right there with you … More What is Next