The deadliest of poisons 

Fang marks left for an eternity. 

Quick and deadly.

Hopeful all of the venom has been vanished from blood stream.

But it lingers circulating through all of your veins, arteries, and heart.

Heart survives from it now. 

Each beat is a reminder of the venom master and it’s powers. 

The venom’s highs and lows become an addiction.

An obsession, necessary for life now. 

Not healthy by any means but needed and wanted for some reason. 

Looking for ways to extract or is it a part of blood type now. 

Once bitten by this thing now doing the same or similar. 

Hiding in the shadows like the Hulk not wanting to be set off by love or hate. 

Pondering still with no answers or solutions. 

Maybe one day there will be a cure for this nasty venomous bite. 


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