Looking glass

Peering out the window in to the unknown and vast outdoors.

What is seen.. Tops of buildings, shimmery lights, waves of the ocean, a steady lake, thundering mountain top, fast moving cars, people gathering, stars and moon above.

So many things to see.

Maybe you see someone peering outside of a window.

You see their look and expression, their imagination open as they look unto these things.

Not only do you feel their thoughts possibly, but your own.

Maybe you think of a memory of a loved one peering out a window, the beauty experienced in that moment, a memory you will always have.

Maybe you stand by this window with someone and reflect on what you see and all the beauty their is to behold.

Maybe that beauty is outside waiting for you take it or maybe that beauty is in the person next to you.

So many things to see and reflect upon when peering through the looking glass.



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