Athletic shoes

I have a deep love for my athletic shoes.

They describe me fairly well, in several aspects of my life.

Reliable, sometimes too reliable I usually don’t go anywhere without them.

Comfortable, more comfortable than anything I can wear on my feet.

Colorful – not much for gray, or black and white. I spice these up and not afraid to mix match them with other things.

I put miles and miles on things probably go over as well, but I keep moving along in them until destruction.

Their once crisp looks aged by the elements of mud, snow, and water.

You bring me peace, joy, and pain.

I guess a good pain but I wouldn’t live a day without it.

How do my shoes relate to me.

The reliability rain, snow, sleet I’ll be here.

Comfortable enough to talk to about any or everything.

Colorful and loving the spice that is life.

I take a beating from different things but I get back up.

Who would have thought they could find such love and beauty in a pair of athletic shoes.



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