The short of it

There is so much history between you and I.

I wish I could ignore it or look past it, but it is forever lingering somewhere in my mind.

Like the coin in some weird crevice of a piggy bank that you just can’t get out.

The water at the bottom of the glass when you tip it over somehow it never all slides out.

I can’t hide from you, try being silent, or ignore you.

Closing all communication, you still pop up for me.

When I give up and talk to you I might as well just wish my life away because then I give you everything.

Why can’t I find a happy medium with you ever.

You want it your way or no way.

I give you a little its not enough, I give you slightly over a little and it is way too much.

The short of it is I was will never make you happy and I will always have something deep inside for you that just will not leave me.



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